The solution to overcoming insomnia during menstruation

In addition to mood swings, abdominal pain, and acne breakouts, some women may also experience difficulty sleeping during menstruation. If left untreated, sleeplessness during menstruation can concentrate on daily activities. Therefore, let's find out how to handle it!

The solution to overcoming insomnia during menstruation
The solution to overcoming insomnia during menstruation

In fact, difficulty in sleep or insomnia during menstruation is one of the symptoms of premenstruation syndrome (PMS), which occurs due to hormonal changes during menstruation. Complaints that arise during the menstrual period also can develop the difficulty of sleep when it comes months.

Various ways to overcome sleeplessness during menstruation

You can overcome the difficulty of sleeping during menstruation in the following ways:

1. Routine Sports
EITs, menstruation is not the reason for not sports, you know! In addition to the benefits of headaches and stomach cramps, exercise during menstruation is also beneficial to make your sleep better. You can do yoga, swimming, or gymnastics.

2. Pay attention to the food consumed

Meat, eggs, vegetables, yogurt and green vegetables are included in the type of food suggested during menstruation. These types of food can help reduce the discomfort you feel when you arrive in the month, so it is expected to help reduce the difficulty of sleeping you are experiencing.

You are not recommended to consume a lot of fatty foods, because fatty foods can increase your risk of indigestion that can interfere with your sleep.

3. Set room temperature

Room temperature can affect sleep quality. Generally, room temperature that is too hot will tend to make you harder to sleep. Therefore, before bedtime make sure you have set room temperature first yes.

Make your sleeping room temperature as comfortable as possible, not hot, not too cold. Before bedtime, you can also take a warm shower before bedtime. This activity can help you feel more comfortable to get immediately asleep.

4. Do the relaxation technique

Some women may feel the mood is volatile during menstruation, so it can make it uneasy and sleeplessness. To overcome this you can do the relaxation technique before bedtime.

Try to breathe long through the nose, then gently release it through the mouth, repeating several times before bedtime. When doing this, try to imagine all the burden of the mind that bothered you to be wasted as you throw your breath away.

5. Choose a comfortable sleep position

Sore muscles and stomach cramps that you feel during your period may interfere with your sleep. To overcome this and make your sleep feel comfortable, you try to sleep in sideways or on your back. If necessary, you can also add pillows to make your body more comfortable.

6. Avoid consuming alcohol

Consuming alcohol during menstruation can cause you to be sleeplessness. So if you are used to drinking alcohol, you should stop this habit before and during menstruation yes.

In addition, avoid having a diet and consuming caffeine during menstruation, as this can also make it difficult to sleep. If the complaint is hard to sleep while menstruation is not lost and interfere with your activities, please do not hesitate to consult a doctor immediately.

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