Sperm issued outside, can still be pregnant or not?

Having sexual intercourse by removing sperm outside the vagina is often done to avoid pregnancy. In fact, the way is still a chance to cause pregnancy, Lho!

Sperm issued outside, can still be pregnant or not?
Sperm issued outside, can still be pregnant or not?

Some couples avoid pregnancy by withdrawal methods or pulling the penis from the vagina right before ejaculation occurs. This is the oldest method of contraception, before the contraceptive device. This method, also called interrupted intercourse, is usually chosen because there is no need for tools, can be done at any time, without cost and side effects.

Pregnancy causes though sperm is removed outside

In principle, pregnancy occurs if the sperm manages to fertilize the egg. Removing sperm outside the vagina is often done to avoid it. Although it is easy to do, this is still a chance to cause pregnancy. Let's see what are the possible causes:

Pre-ejaculate fluid also contains sperm

Many people think that sperm is only in semen that is secreted during ejaculation. In fact, pre-ejaculate fluid that has begun to be produced so that the penis has an erection or strain can also contain sperm.

This is what causes pregnancy may still occur even though the penis is pulled before ejaculation occurs. Moreover, the emergence of this fluid is often also unconscious and can not be controlled by the man himself.

Men can not always fully control ejaculation  

Consciously or not, it is the key to succeed in this withdrawal method. This method will not work if the man cannot be aware of when he or she will have an orgasm. The man who is experiencing this problem can not timely pull his penis out before ejaculation.

Sperm accidentally enters the vagina

Although sperm is removed outside the vagina, pregnancy may also occur if fluid ejaculation is about the part of the body adjacent to the vagina. For example, liquid ejaculation is shed on the lower abdomen area or the vaginal lips and flows into the vagina.

In other cases, pregnancy can also occur if the liquid preejaculates and ejaculation contains sperm, regarding the finger touching the vagina.

Outside issued sperm methods can still be beneficial

This method is actually less reliable to prevent pregnancy or to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. But this method can be used on couples who do not plan, but also do not delay pregnancy.

To avoid pregnancy, condom use is still recommended, even if you have used other methods of contraception. These condoms also play a role to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Removing the sperm outside can reduce the risk of pregnancy, but the risk of pregnancy persists, even large enough. So if you want to postpone pregnancy, consider another more reliable method of contraception. If necessary, consult the obstetrician further.

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