Mothers, these comfortable dressing Tips when pregnant

Various changes in the body while pregnant often make the mother uncomfortable and not confident when choosing clothes. But pregnant should not be an obstacle to still appear attractive and comfortable, lho, Bun.

Mothers, these comfortable dressing Tips when pregnant
Mothers, these comfortable dressing Tips when pregnant

An enlarged stomach, a body that is often sweaty and easily tired, makes mother need to adjust the choice of clothing. Conversely, a choice of less precise clothing can make the mother less comfortable and disturbing the movement of the mother.

Maternity Dress Guide

With a mix of clothing, existing clothes can now still be worn, so only need to buy new clothes and supplies to taste. Here are some things you can do:

Wear clothes that you already have

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the clothes that have been in the mother still can be used, especially those that can be stretched, such as loose shirts, sweaters, and certain pants or skirts.

Choose a dark color and not too loose

Choose clothes with dark colors to make them easier to match. Clothes that fit the body will make mother more comfortable, than clothes that are too loose. Also be careful when choosing a skirt, Bun. Make sure the skirt is long enough to make mother comfortable when seated.

Harness Rubber hook Studs

The mother can also keep wearing the pants in front of the berkancing. This can still be done by wearing a rubber or elastic hair tie associated between the buttons. Now there are also many shops that provide special rubber studs for pregnant women like this. Do not forget, when wearing the rubber, wear clothes that length exceeds the waist and navel to cover the rubber, yes, Bun.

Bra with exact size

As the breast changes during pregnancy, the bra currently wearing the mother may be uncomfortable. Mothers can try bras with larger sizes, sports bras that are usually not strict, or breastfeeding bras.

Beware of tight clothes

Tight clothing may indeed not harm the baby. It just might be possible to make mother feel uncomfortable. It is advisable to use clothes that are slightly loose, made from comfortable and can absorb sweat well.

Make use of existing clothes

For more details, try it, Bun, open the closet. If you already have the following types of garments, then the mother can optimize to be worn when pregnant and after childbirth.

Loose cardigan

Wearing cardigans is an option that can make our mother feel more flexible because of her unbuttoned fa├žade. Bunda can also try the cardigan of various materials such as wool that warms the body.

Single skirt

The canal skirt is a reliable choice for comfort. A high waist pencil skirt can be combined with a T-shirt or casual blouse.


Jumpsuit with material that can stretchy and fit in the legs can be an option to stay attractive and comfortable. Mother can combine it with a T-shirt on the inside. After childbirth, mother can wear it for everyday clothes.


Tunic makes stomach more relieved. The shape that extends on the waist makes the tunic can be worn not only before and after childbirth, but also when pregnant. Pair with leggings or denim pants.


Bunda can choose special leggings for expectant mothers. Choose leggings with a rubber waist that can expand to fit the enlarged abdomen and blend with the wide tops. This type of pants can also be used so that it can continue to be worn until after the baby is born. Choose a dark color to be matched with different colors of the boss. In addition, a nice tight jeans is also a good investment because it can be matched with anything.

In addition to clothing, that should be considered when the stomach grows the shoes used. Because, pregnant women will be harder to maintain balance. Flat shoes are more friendly than shoes with rights, let alone high heels. A selection of comfortable flat shoes, such as sneakers to loafers. If you are worried that your feet will swell, Bunda can choose a larger size footwear. Mothers can choose neutral colors to be more easily matched.

Let's start looking back at the closet and what you can do to get your clothes ready to be worn while pregnant. However, if most of the shirts are getting crowded, get ready to take the time to shop for clothes of the appropriate size. Who need to take precedence, mother still feel comfortable when wearing it.

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