In order to be born healthy baby Walafiat, these 7 Tips should be practiced pregnant women

For pregnant women, keeping the content is very important so that the baby in a healthy content of bodies when born. Unhealthy habits, such as smoking and staying vulnerable, cause problems that affect babies, especially during childbirth.

In order to be born healthy baby Walafiat, these 7 Tips should be practiced pregnant women
In order to be born healthy baby Walafiat, these 7 Tips should be practiced pregnant women

Expectant mothers need to apply a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy to avoid various risks that can interfere with the health of the baby. Various life patterns that need to be applied to pregnant women, among others:

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1. Nutritious food consumption balanced

Pregnancy becomes a time when pregnant women need to change lifestyles in a healthier direction, especially in terms of food. The food consumed by pregnant women is also consumed by the baby in the womb. Just imagine if the mother is eating unhealthy food, the nutritional intake that the baby needs will be reduced so that the baby's weight is too mild when born.

The number of nutrients obtained by pregnant women is not seen from the amount of food consumed, but from the protein, calcium, and mineral content in the food. That's why pregnant women need to choose the best food possible before getting into the esophagus.

2. Avoid consuming caffeine and Alcoholcaffeine and alcohol are two drinks that should be avoided 

during healthy living programs, including when pregnant. Both of these content can be found in coffee, liquor, tea, chocolate, bread, and soft drinks.  

When the consumption of caffeine and alcohol is not controlled, the growth of infants in the womb becomes obstructed. In addition, the risk arises baby birth defects and experiencing mental retardation. Instead, pregnant women can multiply the consumption of water.

3. Consume almonds regularly

Almond nuts are rich in Vitamin E, B2, B9, protein, and fiber are good for baby growth in the womb. Besides being useful for adding energy, almond nuts are good for strengthening bones, launching digestion, overcoming allergies, and keeping your baby's immune system at birth.

Today, almonds can be found in a variety of healthy snacks sold in supermarkets, such as breads, biscuits or chocolates. The consumption of almonds regularly in the right amount, so the benefits can be felt by the fetus.

4. Avoid too extreme exercise

During pregnancy, mothers are advised to exercise regularly to facilitate the process of childbirth, especially delivery normally. However, consider the type of sport first. Avoid workouts that are too extreme and can result in miscarriages, such as push ups, sit ups, and lifting weights.

The recommended sports for pregnant mothers such as gymnastics, healthy roads, swimming, or yoga. Keep your mom exercising regularly so that the body is in shape even when pregnant.

5. Get enough and quality sleep

If an adult needs to sleep for 6-8 hours per day, pregnant women will need longer sleep time than usual. Enough sleep can recover the energy, so that pregnant women are not easily tired when doing daily activities.

In addition to enough sleep, pregnant women need to get a quality sleep. Make sure pregnant women do not think of things that are too heavy before sleeping to avoid a restful sleep.

6. Avoid products that contain chemicals

Not only food, pregnant women need to pay attention to the content contained in the beauty products used. Avoid chemicals containing mercury, AHA, retinoids, and other substances that can harm maternal health and content.

Choose a cosmetic product that contains natural ingredients and is aimed specifically at pregnant women. To be safer, expectant mothers can make their own at home. For example, a mask product made of yam or tomato that has been mashed.

7. Checking the fetus condition regularly

Perform a regular content check to determine if your mother and fetus condition is healthy or not. Avoid the habit of procrastinating content checking time when the time comes.

Choose the best obstetrician to ensure fetal health. Entrusting the condition of the fetus to one doctor only to avoid the difference of information related to the fetus's growth and development.

Keep health before welcoming the fruits of the heart
Infant health in the womb is very dependent on the lifestyle that the mother applies during the pregnancy. Do the tips that have been explained above so that babies can be born healthily. Make sure the health condition of mother is also maintained so that the maternity process goes smoothly when the time has come.

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