7 Durable sex Tips for men naturally

Many men believe that women will prefer long-duration sex. Until then some men often use special medicines to make it durable. In fact, there are some shagging tips that make men durable, without the use of certain medications.

7 Durable sex Tips for men naturally
7 Durable sex Tips for men naturally

The notion of old sexual intercourse was mostly offered by the media, including films and magazines. So, when a man is unable to endure intimate sex, he has thought he has no strong endurance.

In fact, there is actually no clear benchmark how long normal sex lasts. But according to a study, the average normal man can only endure in intimate intercourse for approximately five to seven minutes. Check out these love tips to make your relationship and partner even more friendly.

Long-lasting sex Tips
Here are some durable love tips for men naturally:

Lose weight to Ideal

Research shows, excess weight or obesity may interfere with sexual abilities. It is thought to be related to illness, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as a sense of self-confidence that can then trigger an erection disorder. Other study results also said that obese men who change eating patterns by consuming low calorie and fat foods, experience improvements in erectile dysfunction and improved sperm quality.

Food consumption contains zinc and amino acids

Many natural stamina enhancer drugs for men who utilize zinc. Because, zinc deficiency will lower levels of testosterone so that it can interfere with male sexual abilities. You can consume some foods that are rich in zinc, such as meat, oysters, nuts, whole grains, and cereals.

In addition, sexual abilities can also be assisted with the consumption of amino acids, such as arginine and carnitine, which are found in chicken meat, dairy products, nuts, and grains. This substance will help the veins to relax the penis more relaxed and increase blood flow, as well as increase the number and quality of sperm. Carnitine can also improve erection quality if consumed with strong male drugs, such as sildenafil, but the use of these drugs need to be consulted first to the physician.

Start practicing Kegel Gymnastics

Kegel Gymnastics is not only devoted to women. But it is also considered a good exercise for men in controlling the muscles around the genital and supporting sexual stamina. An expert said, Kegel Gymnastics as one of the shagging tips for men can be utilized to delay ejaculation. To do this gymnastics, hold your muscles around the genitals as it holds urination, for about 10 seconds, then release. Repeat this gymnastics several times. This exercise can be done anytime and anywhere.

Routine exercise
Research shows that men who exercise regularly have better sexual gratification than those who don't. Sports such as cardio, fast roads, swimming, running, or other aerobic exercises can help improve circulation and blood flow, and can eventually help stronger and longer erections.

Sports that take about 30 minutes three times per week are known to improve sexual ability. Not only does it stop there, long-lasting screwing tips This one can also help maintain the ideal body weight.


Contrary to the assumption of some people, circumcision that cuts the foreskin or skin at the end of the penis, can precisely avoid premature ejaculation. Studies reveal that the circumcised man can achieve ejaculation in a longer time. However, there are also other studies that say circumcision has no impact on the sexual qualities of men. Therefore, further research is still needed to ensure the circumcision benefits to sexual gratification in men.

Train yourself with masturbation

When you are experiencing premature ejaculation, it is worth trying to do the mastrubation. Mastrubation can train themselves against sexual responses, so that it can withstand longer erections. Try stopping in the middle of the masturbation process, just before ejaculation, relax for a while, then try again until you can better control the ejaculation.

Reduce stress

Stress can have a broad impact on one's health, including libido. When stress strikes, the body will secrete stress hormones that can impact the diminished level of satisfaction and sex performance. To avoid stress, exercise regularly, meditate, take enough rest, and avoid cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

Do long-lasting sex tips for men naturally above to improve sexual performance. If some of the above tips have been done but you still feel you can't last long in making love, you should consult a doctor or sexologist about your issue.

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