5 easy steps to overcoming crotch pain while pregnant

Bumil often hurts in the crotch? Calm yes, Bumil, basically pain in the crotch is a pretty common thing during pregnancy. Bumil can overcome this with some easy way!
5 easy steps to overcoming crotch pain while pregnant
5 easy steps to overcoming crotch pain while pregnant

Although it is quite disruptive to comfort, but it is essentially a sore crotch while pregnant is not harmful to maternal and fetal health. Pregnant women who have a crotch pain also still have the possibility to be able to give birth normally.

Causes of crotch pain in pregnant women
The groin of pain when pregnant is usually caused by hormonal changes. When pregnant, the body produces a relaxine hormone that serves to make the tissue of the muscle supporter around the pelvis more relaxed and stretchable.  It is a cause that can trigger pain in the groin while pregnant.

In addition, crotch pain during pregnancy can also be caused by increasing the size and weight of the baby in the womb, which causes the pelvic bones of pregnant women to undergo dilation.

Various ways to overcome sick crotch when pregnant
Complaints of sick crotch when pregnant usually will disappear on its own after childbirth and does not require any special treatment. However, to relieve pain and discomfort due to this condition, Bumil can do some of the following ways:

1. Routine Sports

While it may feel a little pain, Bumil is advised to keep doing sports. One sport option that can Bumil choose is yoga. This sport is beneficial to strengthen the groin muscles so as to reduce the pain that Bumil feel.

To find out the proper exercise or exercise in overcoming the crotch pain during pregnancy, Bumil can consult a gynecologist first.

2. Use special belts

Another way that Bumil can do to overcome crotch pain is to use a special belt to support Bumil's stomach. This can reduce the burden on the Bumil pelvis, so that the crotch pain is also reduced.

3. Regular breaks 

If Bumil does a lot of activity by standing like ironing or cooking, don't forget the rest, even though just simply sit down for a while.

It is beneficial to reduce the impact of gravity pressure on the pelvis, so that discomfort in the crotch can be reduced. Well, while sitting, you should avoid cross the feet yes, Bumil.

4. Sleep facing to the left side

The suggested sleeping position of the pregnant mother is facing the left side. This position is also the right choice for Bumil when experiencing crotch pain, because it can reduce the pressure on the blood vessels in the abdomen and pelvis. If necessary, place a pillow in between the knees while sleeping in this position.

5. Avoid lifting heavy items

In essence, pregnant women are not encouraged to remove heavy goods, for pregnant mothers who are complaining of pain in the crotch. Because when lifting heavy objects, the burden and pressure on the pelvis will increase, thus making the crotch more painful.

In addition, BUMIL should avoid standing or sitting too long, standing by lifting one foot, and pushing heavy goods, because it will make a crotch ache that Bumil feel worse.

Pain in the groin while pregnant is actually common and naturally occurring. In fact, Bumil should immediately consult the obstetrician if the pain is getting worse, accompanied by a break of the oat, or out a lot of blood.

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